1942 Gas Ration Sticker A

This A sticker is the most common of the WW2 Gas ration stickers surviving today but it was the only sticker that needed to be upgraded. They were issued from 1942 to 1945  during WW2. The A sticker was used only by the general public and received only 5 gallons of gas a week. To obtain at least the A sticker, the owner had to provide 5 tires to prove they would not be needing tires.

The Smithsonian Institute tells that rubber was far more scarce than gasoline, hence the message on back of the stickers to conserve tires.

The owner needed to fill out a form and submit it. He or she would the receive one of the other stickers shown here for permanent use.

The A could be replaced if the car owner used the car for a living. The B was issued for small businesses, C was actually the most common as it was a mileage ration instead of a gas ration and was for anyone who used their car in their work. The T sticker was for either farm trucks or delivery trucks. The X sticker was used by senators or congressmen. We have been unable to verify the purpose for the S sticker although it was reported to be used by lawyers and judges. The M was for motorcycles.

This is a reproduction, far superior to the originals. The original was a very thin paper with glue on it and the very early ones may or may not have writing on the back. Ours are the complete stickers that have been verified by comparing them to the stickers shown on the Smithsonian Institute website.

This laser printed sticker has a peel and stick backing sheet on the front so you can peel it off and stick it to the inside windshield of your classic car.

SEE ALSO OUR WW2  FEDERAL TAX STAMPS. They were also a required stamp shaped sticker that needed to accompany the gas ration sticker.

The paper and ink quality is one that you will want on your expensive restored vehicle.


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