1969-70 Florida Inspection Sticker

Florida began statewide inspections in 1967  with a most colorful and attractive Inspection sticker

in color on both sides. This 1969-70 is the earliest Florida sticker we have been able to locate.

We would pay $25. for any original 1968 Florida sticker (or a sticker from any state) not appearing on this web site.

Various cities had inspections in Florida as far back as the 1950's but ran statewide inspections from 1968 into the mid 80's before discontinuing them.

It has been carefully recreated from an original now in our archives.

A beautiful sticker in full color on both sides. Issued in 1969, it expired in 1970.

It has our patented "Peel and Stick" format which allows affixing to your inside windshield.

This sticker is in full color on both front and back.

For an additional $10.00 we can add your antique license plate number to the front of this sticker where the serial number now appears.

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