1934 WV Registration sticker

This 1934 WV Registration sticker verified a 1933 license plate. No plate was issued in 1934.

West Virginia began it's official statewide Inspection program in 1955.

Before that we believe there were various forms of inspections performed on vehicles stopped for faulty equipment. The owner would be required to have the vehicle repaired and inspected.

We are looking for these stickers.

Bear in mind also that the registration sticker shown for 1934 is just as important as the vehicle could not be on the road without it.

The vehicle was always inspected before the license certificate was issued.

This is the first sticker we have been able to locate. We will pay a reasonable price for any original not shown on this web site.

Or we will provide a FREE, new reproduction sticker for a photo of one, front and back.

West Virginia REGISTRATION sticker  was carefully restored and reproduced to completely remain faithful in color and size, front and back, to the original. It has our patented "Peel and Stick" adhesive to place it on your inside windshield like the original.

Also for an additional $10.00 we can add an antique license plate number to the front of this sticker where the blank space now appears.


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